Hi, I’m Abdullah

“Do you have a goal, a dream, a habit to achieve?
Believe in yourself and start the journey.
… and reach out if you need guidance throughout.”

– Abdullah Assadi

(Your Life Coach)

Hi, I’m Abdullah

“Do you have a goal, a dream, a habit to achieve?
Believe in yourself and start the journey.
… and reach out if you need guidance throughout.”

– Abdullah Assadi

(Your Life Coach)

Abdullah Assadi Coaching

If you’re ready to: Upgrade to your highest self, Build your confidence, Achieve your personal & business goals, Live life full of passion and purpose

Changing your life is just one call away!

Life Coaching

You get one life. You should be living in a way that fulfils your purpose and fuels your passion. A life coach is …

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Business Coaching

As a driven entrepreneur, you know that goal-setting is vital to your business. If you aren’t moving forward, then …

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Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is utilized to “zoom-out” on your situation. We analyze the gaps in your specific position …

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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is offered to managers, top leaders, CEOs, and high-level entrepreneurs in an organization or …

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Career Coaching

Career coaching is for you! It is for the young graduate who cannot decide on a future career, but it is also …

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Skills Coaching

Tired of rigid training that doesn’t account for individual needs? Skills coaching is your package! …

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Employee Coaching

Within many big corporations are training programs, but they are not as effective as a tailored program. Employee …

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Contact Me

If you are ready to transform your life into something greater but have a few questions, fill out the form …

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Abdullah Assadi: Life and Career Coach

Do you find yourself stuck at a plateau, but feel like you’re not making any progress? At one point in life, you were full of passion and purpose, and somehow it dwindled away.

You’re ready to finally achieve the goals you have set for yourself, but you don’t know where to start…

As a specialized life and career coach, I am here to guide you to reach your fullest potential. If you’re ready to achieve next-level goal crushing and finally reach a breakthrough, you are exactly where you need to be right now.

Who do I work with?

Individuals who:

– Ambition: Desire to live freely and want more from life… NOW!

– Are feeling stuck and need to know how to change course

– Want to take their career to the next level

– Are purpose-driven entrepreneurs who need guidance and goal setting

– Are professionals who are not achieving their full potential

Book a Free Discovery Call

About Abdullah Assadi, Certified Life and Career Coach:

My name is Abdullah Assadi, your Life and Career Coach.

If you feel that you’ve been stumbling through life and searching for the answer, then I’d like to hand you the “phone a friend” option.

I’m here to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to go. Whether you’re looking to ace your next job interview, looking to quit a bad habit, or present to your board of representatives, I want you to see you succeed.

These coaching packages are designed with YOU in mind: to help you fulfil your life’s purpose, living truly filled full of joy and passion, and succeeding in every way.

You only have one life to live, so why waste it being stuck? It’s time to MOVE.


You can start by booking a free, no-obligation discovery call today.
No strings attached. No gimmicks. Just a free call to see if I can truly serve you in the way you deserve.


I am passionate about helping dedicated individuals succeed. My goal is to help you overhaul your life and give you the transformation you’re looking for.

I serve people globally via telephone and video calls, as well as locally in Dubai.

It’s time you finally decide for yourself. You serve others around you, and now it’s time that you give back to yourself. Book a call with me today and we can create a plan to launch you to your best self.

Client Testimonials

“No matter what I say can’t be enough to give this guy his deserved credit! Helped me, coached me and mentored me, and made me reach places in my professional and personal life, so grateful.”

Rawan Mousa

“Abdullah is not only a great coach but a person who would give his all, and I mean his all, to help you succeed and reach your goals. From my personal experience and from the way he helped me, I would recommend him to anyone looking for guidance and support.”

Silvia Miller

“When someone recommended coaching for me, I took it as a joke, but I gave it a try with Abdullah, and the effect the first session left on me was immense. It truly moved me, and I am so glad I continued with him—a great professional.”

Lara Alsayegh

“I can’t believe you could guide us through this significant life decision within 6 weeks of coaching. Thank you again for helping us see through the fog!”

Jenin & Yamen

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